About this space

Say hello to MDX Mindset, the newest kid on the wellness block.

We’re so excited to launch this online space, with the intention of providing the stories and science of well-being to our students, staff, and community.

Looking back at the improbable and difficult year that was, we are thankful for all the past wellness activities that prepared us and also for all those circumstances that taught us where we still have more work to do. This space is part of the objective of bringing wellness into our everyday lives and routines, and this is why we’ve made it interactive, seeking your responses and suggestions throughout.

Have a read, scan the codes, click the links, and tell us what you think. We hope to build an integrated wellness culture across our campus and community, and your feedback is part of that initiative. You can find an open call for submissions and feedback in the ‘contact us’ section.



Mariam Abonil

Chief Editor
Head, Wellness Office