mdxMindset spoke with former MDX Dubai student Laureen Fredah about her journey to success after she was accepted to the New York Bar. She let us know that the experience was not without difficulty.

I was one of the only two students doing the LLB whilst working full time. The biggest challenge for me was attendance. Being a visual learner, every class I missed was close to a calamity because I had to work twice as hard as everyone to catch up.

The other challenge I struggled with was the funds. I needed to work three times as hard at work to afford my education and then work four times as hard to keep up with it. The whole cycle was exhausting and overwhelming. At one point, after falling four weeks behind at school, I thought of quitting and taking a ‘dead’ year. I discussed this with the Head of Law while crying my eyes out. I was emotional and convinced myself that I would never catch up, and the tuition was almost impossible to afford.

The Head of Law pragmatically helped me out of this line of thinking and explained that taking a year off was just postponing the difficulties. She advised me to talk to the Student Office and Finance Office. I did, and we were able to work out a schedule that relieved the pressure. I also received great tips on time management.

Seeking help from my lecturers, the Finance Office, the Student Office, and Careers Employability Services all helped me focus on my studying, and I attribute qualifying for the New York Bar to taking advantage of this support.