In response to the current global crisis, the Government of the UAE launched a series of initiatives through its National Happiness Programme to help residents cope with the pandemic and its outcomes

In April, the National Campaign for Mental Support was started and aimed to provide online seminars and videos in both English and Arabic to address some of the mental health issues arising from the pandemic. The campaign consisted of three main components:

  1. daily live, virtual sessions providing mental support and tips from mental health professionals
  2. short awareness-building videos by experts and life skills coaches to help the community build resilience
  3. virtual support groups led by professionals for specific community segments

Over fifty mental health professionals and experts participated in the campaign which was advertised over the website and @happyuae social media pages.

In May, a Mental Support Line (800HOPE) was opened to the public to  offer mental health services free of charge to UAE residents. The hotline provides counselling and support with the help of volunteer mental health experts, consultants, and specialists. Individuals can reach out via telephone or Whatsapp in either English or Arabic.

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