Rhoderick Romano, Lecturer in Business at MDX Dubai, tells mdxMindset about promoting well-being through nurturing career potential.

In the context of academe with a particular focus on students, an essential part of well-being includes infrastructure to adhere to health and safety standards, healthy food, education on physical and psychological health, and the more strategic of foci: sense-making towards finding meaning or purpose.

In this regard, accommodating creativity helps students realize their potential- we notice the benefits of diversity in innovation that the UAE fosters while stepping closer to defining meaning or purpose. 2020 marked the first year of the MDXcelerator Programme for Middlesex University Dubai, and the objective of this platform is to support next-generation enterprise from initial idea to launch. The aim is to develop creative and entrepreneurial skills among students across all levels and programmes. This a testament of the value in creating an ecosystem to springboard next-generation entrepreneurs with infrastructure and activities alongside academic focus.

Sustainably successful enterprises will require systems of support from pre-start to launch to acceleration. It is exciting to give this blank canvas to our future generations to use and we look forward to what we will see come out of it.